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The project is structured in eight work packages (WP). The first four (WP1-4) will test both the efficacy of several additives (probiotics, prebiotics, plant extracts and organic acids and their interactions), feed presentations (coarse milling, type of cereal, whole grain feeding), and the interaction between feed form and additive addition, in challenge trials.

All strategies must be practical, and they will be tested not only for their ability to reduce the Campylobacter counts in vivo, but also for their impact in the performance of animals.

Then, the best alternatives will be tested in naturally infected experimental conditions. The strategies will be tested sequentially in challenge trials, experimental farm, practical restricted conditions, and real practical conditions in field conditions (Spain and Hungary, WP6).

The vaccine strategy (WP5) will use reverse vaccinology methods to detect vaccinating candidates, and to test them in several vaccinating protocols. WP7&8 are related to management and dissemination activities, respectively.


Work Package Leaders

The most scientific Work Packages will be lead by two relevant scientists specialized in each research area, as are Dr. Marianne Chemaly from ANSES (who will lead WP1 and WP5) and Dr. Pedro Medel from IMASDE (who will lead WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP7).

Mr. Ángel Martín, from PROPOLLO, will lead WP6, and WP8 due to his broad experience in the sector, both under a National point of view, and under a European point of view.