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Contact: Peter Vesseur

Kokermolen 11,
HOUTEN, 3994 DG, Netherlands

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NEPLUVI, the Association of Dutch Poultry Processing Industries, is a SME-AG, non-profit organization located in Houten (Netherlands). The association involves 55 enterprises among SME members (42%), and other enterprise members among production, manufacturing and processing of poultrymeat, and (inter)national trade in life and slaughtered poultry. The Netherlands is the seventh broiler producer in the EU-27, as it produces 687 Kt of chicken broilers/year (AVEC, 20121). The members of NEPLUVI account for a marketshare of over 90% of the sales of poultrymeat from the Netherlands, amounting to approximately € 2 billion/ year. The sector employs around 5,000 people. The main objective of NEPLUVI is to look after and promote the interests of the Dutch poultry processing industry in general and its members in particular. The members of NEPLUVI are specialised in the production, manufacturing and processing of poultry meat, and national and international trade in life and slaughtered poultry.

Key-personnel involved: Dr. P.C. Vesseur, PhD, DVM, veterinary and agriculture science, Director of the association, and Mr. Mark (M.L.) den Hartog.