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Contact: Pedro Medel

Calle Nápoles, 3
28224 POZUELO DE ALARCÓN, Madrid, Spain

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IMASDE is a research company which has a wide experience on animal production research and has been involved in more than 175 research projects, most of them supported by the Spanish Government institutions (CDTI, INIA, PROFIT, etc).

IMASDE has experience on project design, performance and interpretation of the results as well as a huge expertise in animal production, and animal nutrition especially in poultry and swine. Composed by 23 people, most of them agricultural engineers and veterinarians, is specialized in R&D projects. It has a huge experience both in the development of R&D projects, but also in the execution of experimental trials, both in field conditions, and in its own research facilities. In particular, IMASDE has one of the biggest broiler experimental units in the EU, with 96 floor pen replicates of 22 broilers each. In addition, it has a Animal Bio Safety Level 2 facility to carry out the orally infection trials.

IMASDE make more than 20 large experiments per year, concerning broiler, laying hens and swine species. Parts of these experiments are annually published in international symposiums, such as PSA, ASAS, and EAAP. IMASDE will take part of all WP as Project Coordinator, will lead WP2, WP3, WP4, and WP7.

Key-personnel involved: Dr. Pedro Medel (Executive Director and Project Scientific Coordinator, agricultural engineer, PhD in animal nutrition), Dr. Marta I. Gracia (Scientific Manager, agricultural engineer, PhD in animal nutrition), Mr. Javier Viguera (EU Project Manager, agricultural engineer), Ms. Patricia Vázquez (DVM, PhD), Mr. Jaime Sánchez (Experimental Farm Manager, agricultural engineer, eight years of experience running experimental trials), and Mr. Carlos Millán (Experimental Farm, DVM).