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Contact: Véronique Elgosi

Rue de Vaugirard, 184
75015 PARIS, France

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FIA, the France Federation of Poultry Industries, is a SME-AG non-profit organization located in Paris. FIA is a trade association that involves 23 members among poultry producers and slaughterhouses of this country. France is the fourth broiler producer in EU-27, as it produces 1,076 Kt of chicken broilers/year (AVEC, 20121). FIA, together with CIDEF, represents the majority of the interest of the poultry sector in France

FIA will act as a relay ground between research centres, farms and slaughterhouses within WP6. The results of the project will help to FIA to take actions heading to secure poultry production because Campylobacter is most important cause of toxi-infection in humans by poultry meat.

Key-personnel involved: Ms. Véronique Elgosi, General Delegate, who will be of the project management. She will be accomplished by Julie Mayot, responsible for scientific and technical issues at slaughters and regulatory monitoring.