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Contact: Andrés Fernández

La Relva Torneiros, s/n
36400 PORRIÑO, Pontevedra, Spain

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CZV is a SME worldwide leader in the production of veterinary vaccines and one of the foremost biotechnology companies in the European Union. Together with its subsidiary Biofabri (focusing on human health), CZV is a business group that specializes in Biotechnology products. CZV is dedicated exclusively to the development and manufacture of veterinary medicines and vaccines. Biotechnology research and development are the hallmark of the CZV business model. The company allocates at least 6.5% of its annual revenue to strengthen its R&D efforts. Moreover, the Regulatory Affairs Department offers specialist knowledge and experience in the field of international pharmaceutical law, which includes dossier submission and obtaining marketing authorizations. Their participation in the project is based on the support to Anses research and to reduce the time to market implementation of the Campylobacter vaccine. The company has the capacity and technology to undertake the manufacture of a wide range of pharmaceutical and biological products for veterinary use.

Key-Personnel involved: Mr. Andrés Fernández will be responsible of the project R&D and management, and Mr. Esteban Rodríguez will be the involved in the Anses support.