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Contact: Gilles Le Pottier

Rue de Plaisance 11,
35310 MORDELLES, France

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CIDEF, the Interprofessionnal Committee for the French Turkey, is a SME-AG, non-profit organization located at Mordelles (FRANCE) . The association involves 133 enterprises among SME members (31%), other associations and other enterprise members among selection breeders and hatcheries, turkey feed producers, turkey farms and slaughterhouses/processors. France is a major turkey producer in EU-27, as it produces 415 kt of turkey carcass (AVEC, 2012) very close to Germany, with 387 kt of turkey carcass. CIDEF, with FIA, represents the majority of the interest of the poultry sector in France. CIDEF has assumed its role of authority at the service of the turkey-producing sector, consulting and intervening on its behalf. It is officially recognized and acts as a spokesman for all turkey professionals in relations with the public authorities.

CIDEF, together with FIA, will act as a relay ground between research centres and farms by facilitating the recruitment of farms and industrial other partners (feed manufacturers) among its members to provide field validation of proposed solutions in chicken broilers and turkeys (within WP4 and WP6). CIDEF endeavors to ensure the health and safety of the birds at all times. The results of the project will help to CIDEF memberships by providing the strategies to reduce Campylobacter prevalence in turkey flocks.

Key-personnel involved: Mr. Gilles Le Pottier is an agronomist with a large knowledge of poultry production. It will be the relay man between the different business partners.