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Contact: Marianne Chemaly

Avenue du General Leclerc 27-31,
94701 MAISONS ALFORT, France

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The French agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (Anses) is a public administrative institution reporting to the Ministers for Health, Agriculture, the Environment, Labour and Consumer Affairs. Its principal mission is to contribute to the protection of human health with respect to the environment, the workplace and food. The agency groups 11 laboratories. The Research Laboratory on Poultry, Swine and Fish located in Brittany, includes Ploufragan which is part of the Zoopôle (Animal Science and Food Technology Platform) and Plouzané, France. The laboratory carries out research and provides scientific and technical support as well as expert advice in the fields of: animal health, animal welfare and food safety. Poultry, Rabbit; Swine and Fish are the target animal species studied. Ploufragan is the National Reference Laboratory for Newcastle disease, avian influenza, Campylobacter and Salmonella in Poultry, for swine fever and African swine fever and Aujeszky disease in pigs, viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS), infectious haematopoietic necrosis (IHN) and infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) in fish. It groups 9 research units.
Anses has large experience in the present topic. The work will be conducted within the research unit Hygiene and Quality of Poultry and Pork Products (HQPAP) in collaboration with the Unit “Virus genetics and biosecurity” (GVB) and the experimental service in avian pathology (SELEAC). The staff of HQPAP unit (National Reference Laboratory for Salmonella and Campylobacter) works on different kinds of issues connected to the microbiological safety of poultry and pork products. The main objective is to “Control Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes and Yersinia enterocolitica in poultry and pork productions”. The area research covers studies dealing with the prevalence and molecular epidemiology, the interactions between host and pathogens and the control measures. The Scientists from HQPAP unit display expertise activities at the national (Anses, Ministry of Agriculture and AFNOR), European (EFSA, CEN) and International levels (FAO, OMS and ISO). The staff of GVB unit is involved, among others, in the development of new veterinary vaccines.
Anses will lead the work about testing the products in vitro and in vivo in order to select one and/or a combination of products having an efficient effect to reduce Campylobacter in live animals (WP1), and will collaborate intensively with IMASDE in the development of WP3 and WP4. Also will be responsible for the Campylobacter detection and enumeration of WP6. Moreover, Anses will develop a novel vaccine through the use of reverse vaccinology in WP5.
Key-Personnel involved: Dr. Marianne Chemaly, PhD in Food microbiology, head assistant of the Unit HQPAP and leader of scientific projects related to the poultry productions, and Dr. Alassane Keïta, DVM, is head of the poultry experiment department (confined and non-confined facilities). Among the GVB, the key personnel involved is Dr. Daniel Dory, PhD, HDR, in Biology and Health, scientist in the GVB unit and leader of scientific projects related to veterinary vaccination. Dr Fabrice Touzain, PhD in bioinformatics will be involved in the analysis of Campylobacter genome to identify potential new vaccine antigens.