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The Consortium represents a great part of the European poultry production, 34.9% of the broiler production in the EU-27 (AVEC, 2012), from different geographical situations (South, Center, North and East). This composition allows the CAMPYBRO consortium to test the efficacy of the developed products in different environmental conditions in several State Members. They include a huge number of SME poultry producers where the nutritional and vaccination trials at the final stage of the project will be developed. Part of the European Poultry Sector is not organized as SMEs, since it is vertically integrated. However, these large enterprises in most of cases subcontract hundreds of particular farmers (SMEs) to carry out the poultry fattening phase. Therefore, the real SMEs involved in the present proposal are really considerable. The structure of the Consortium is supported by two RTDs (IMASDE and ANSES) with a large experience on the matter. They will develop a common experimental model, essential for sharing the WPs designed and to reach the expected results in the expected time. IMASDE has large experience in nutrition strategies and in field and infection trials, and ANSES is a specialist in Campylobacter infection and has the necessary expertise to work in the vaccine development. Moreover, it has to be remarked that both RTDs has a contrasted experience managing field poultry trials, analysing and interpreting the results, and project management, in order to guide the associations involved in the project throughout its development.